Wasabi Ramen take home ramen kits ... Kelowna BC

In a hurry?? Here are the basics!

  •  SOUL KIT– One generous portion of broth, noodles and toppings– $8.00
  • FAMILY PACK– 6 individually packed soul kits, Original or Vegan– $42.00
  • Keep in the fridge for a week or pop in the freezer and stock up
  • ORDER ONLINE FOR NEXT DAY PICK-UP or 10km free delivery on orders over $40 on Tuesdays

Ramen Soul Kit


Rich, deep clear bone broth made with amazing local Sterling Springs chicken

Handmade ramen noodles

Two slices of pork chashu


 Vegan Ramen Soul Kit by Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna

Vegetable broth with Yuzu peel, garlic oil and mixed veg

Handmade ramen noodles

Tofu crumble

Family Pack

Family Ramen Soul Kit by Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna

Either Original or Vegan option

Original– chicken broth with pork chashu, Vegan– vegetable broth with tofu crumble

6 individually packaged servings- freezer ready!

So simple & delicious

“I will definitely order more kits (especially for the price!) and loved getting to add in whatever I had in the fridge! Can’t wait to try another one!”


Perfection as always

“A light, refreshing broth with the perfect balance of sweet, salt and acidity with that umami depth of flavor you crave in a ramen broth. The hand made noodles are the perfect texture of soft and chewy, gloriously coated in the broth with every bite. These sets are the absolute perfect take-home dish because anything you add to them will be absolute magic.”


LOVE the Tantan Men!

“The aroma while it’s cooking is divine and it looks so delicious in the bowl. Just the right amount of spice– enough to clear your head and warm you up.”


Ramen Kits stacked in the freezer


Cook in just one pot, heating the broth first, then boiling the noodles OR heat the broth in a small pot and use a larger pot for the noodles. The kit comes in 3 parts– the broth, the tare (sauce) and the noodles.


  • Pour the broth package into a medium pot over medium heat. *Tip– to get every bit of goodness out of that bag, warm it up in a container of hot water first.
  • Bring to a rolling simmer.


  • Add the tare (sauce) package to your serving bowl.
  • Add piping hot broth to the bowl and mix with the tare.


  • Add cold water to the pot– put a lid on and turn up to high. You want enough water for the noodles to roll around.
  • Once boiling, add noodles and gently separate with tongs. Set your timer for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes. Seriously that’s all they need! Swish around with tongs every now and then.
  • When the timer goes off, use tongs to drain and add the cooked noodles to the broth.

Arrange your chashu and any other toppings you like, SERVE & SLURP! 

The kit will be good in the fridge for a week. After that, you can put it in the freezer to have on hand for a quick delicious meal. Simply thaw in the fridge overnight or on the countertop in hot water before cooking.

Have Fun with It!

Not necessary, but why not add your own toppings?

Green onions, regular onion, cabbage, shredded carrot, mushrooms, celery, red pepper, cauliflower, snap peas, edamame, corn, sprouts

If you prefer the crunch, the hot noodles and broth will soften thinly sliced veg enough. Prefer them cooked more? Pan fry before you get your noodles on.

Protein–  cubed or crumbled tofu, soft boiled eggs, sausage, shrimp, extra meat (have leftovers in the fridge?)

Ramen is our passion

We know it’s your passion too! And we know you’ve been missing it.

Although we are open for takeout and limited dine-in, we all know that take-out food is never quite the same, especially if you can’t eat it right away. Ramen simply tastes best when it comes right off the stove.

Plus these days, a lot of us are looking for easy meals to prepare ourselves. Chef Jyunya has been working hard on a solution to give you restaurant-quality ramen that you can prepare in your home.

Original Ramen Soul Kit - package and bowl

Ramen (ラーメン) is often referred to as the soul food of Japan. Chef Jyunya puts his heart and soul into his Ramen and you will find him making noodles every morning and watching over his boiling stockpots for hours and hours as he perfects the umami flavours of his broths.

Now he has taken the two ingredients that are the soul of Ramen – the noodles and the broth – into a takeout kit so you can enjoy your ramen at home.


  • Super simple to prepare (see instructions above)
  • Keeps in the fridge for up to a week and can go in the freezer for your ramen emergencies! Simply thaw in the fridge or on the countertop before cooking.
  • Made using the best local ingredients as much as possible, including Sterling Springs Chicken – we even make our own soy milk!

House-made broths

Bone broths made from chicken for our Original and from pork for our Tonkotsu Ramen, miso broth for our Tantan Men and vegetable broth for our Vegan Ramen

House-made noodles

House-made noodles prepared every day using Jyunya’s special blend of local flours to get just the right texture of noodles required for the best ramen.

Noodles are available to order on their own, outside of the kit, whether you want to use your own broth or just want extra noodles for your kit.


Bowl of ramen photo by fan Dustin G at Wasabi Ramen for lunch in Kelowna
We love using Sterling Springs Chicken – a true family farm offering sustainably-raised, medication-free chicken raised in Falkland.
Vegan Ramen Soul Kit prepared by Tanya in Kelowna
Wasabi Ramen takeout noodle prep in Kelowna
Chef Jyunya from Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna using local produce
Everything you need to prepare your Ramen Soul Kit
Busy kitchen at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Wasabi Ramen of Kelowna– Original Ramen Soul Kit with added toppings
Rollingdale Winery wines available at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna