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Instagram fan photo of vegetarian ramen taken at Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna

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Our first Fan Bowl winner for February-  ranimal_ from instagram, dining at Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Love the noodles!
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Trip Advisor fan

Fun place to meet with friends. Great friendly service. Food was exceptional! Love the homemade Ramen noodles!

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Great Value
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JAMES Y ... Google fan

Impeccable staff manners. Extremely tasty food on a consistent basis. Great value too. This is our 'go to' restaurant in Kelowna.

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Legit delicious!
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Jamie M ... Yelp fan

The AB Ramen. Super shrimpy aroma and amazing shrimp wonton. The pork chashu literally melts in your mouth.

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From the Ramen King...
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Absolute best ramen I've ever had. I'm the ramen king and this is easily the best... go here you won't be disappointed…

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Missing Wasabi
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YELP fan

I've since moved out of Kelowna back to Vancouver, but I can't say enough about Wasabi. It's the one thing I miss the most about Kelowna.

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Delicious and unique
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Siobhan J-B ... FACEBOOK fan

Always delicious, unique food offerings. Not just your typical North American "Japanese" food. Our favourite place to eat out in Kelowna.

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Vegetarian options
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I love the vegetarian option with miso. The traditional noodles are good for vegans too. I will eat here more often.

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Lovely staff!
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Delicious authentic food and lovely staff! It's definitely going to be a regular spot for meals.

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Need More!
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Need. More. Ramen. Next time we’ll get the awesomely wicked Miso Ramen!

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What more could you want?
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Amazing food– Lovely staff– cool set up– while located in the heart of downtown. What more could you want?! I'll be back again, and again ...

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Bowl of ramen photo by fan jason S at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Megan T fan photo for Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Wasbi Ramen chicken confit ramen fan photo b Natalia instagram
Molly K-T fan photo for Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Gyoza and Egg Ramen photo by Wasabi Ramen fan Natamess in Kelowna BC
Fans Matt and Cara enjoying a Japanese meal at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Instagram fan Trixie K photo or prawn dumpling ramen at Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Tempuramen photo by fan Louise D at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Hit the spot!
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Diana H. ... Yelp fan

I love ramen and this cute little ramen shop sure did hit the spot. The staff was super friendly and sat us right away. The ramen was so delicious I drank all the broth. The broth was full of depth and flavour. I got the miso broth with chicken and egg. The chicken chase was soft and tender. My bf got the tan tan men with ground pork, cabbage and handmade noodles in a spicy miso broth. Wow, it was so good!

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I'll be back for more!

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Michelle M. ... Yelp fan

First time here and am surprisingly impressed with the ramen. I ordered the Miso chicken with an extra side of chasu pork. Broth was savoury and tasty, noodles were chewy and the meat was tender and flavourful. Coming from Vancouver and having lined up for the most coveted bowls of slippery, umami bowls of goodness, I feel I can recognize a good bowl of ramen. I'll be back for more!

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The broth... omg the broth!
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Ian K ... Zomato fan

Finally. Heard lots of talk about this place and when a friend talked about their ramen I had to go. Had a shrimp gyoza ramen. The gyoza themselves were some of the best I've had anywhere. The broth... omg the broth... it was so good. Hand made noodles were tender yet chewy. I'm no ramen expert, but this was one of the best bowl of soup I've ever had. Can't wait to return for more.

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Awesome place for a dinner date
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ULF L. ... GOOGLE fan

Beyond the ramen, they have amazing Japanese tapas (izakaya). Smaller plates great for sharing. So many options and plenty of dishes that are full of flavor. Makes for an awesome dinner date with unique food you can enjoy together.
Really can't say enough. I eat here at least once a week, either for lunch or dinner, and they never disappoint.

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Go, just go!
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Horny4veggies ... trip advisor fan

Always amazing!
I just love this place, it holds a special place in my heart. I've been going since it first opened and every time its just amazing and I leave in this blissful cloud of foodie pleasure. They have a weekly specials menu that changes, the food is fresh and presented beautifully. You get good size portions and its not hard on the pocket book. What more is there to say. Go just go!

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I lived in Japan for two years and miss it a lot.
Going to Wasabi Izakaya is my culinary escape back to Japan.
The atmosphere is authentic, the food is delicious and everyone at Wasabi is friendly and caring.

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This place is impressive!
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Loved this place then and love this place now! I had gone to this restaurant when it first opened and really liked it. I went back today and was blown away. The spicy eggplant was different and delicious and the tuna was very fresh and tasty. I heard the Ramen was the best and it really was delicious. They make their own noodles which is a must!

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Keep up the good work guys.
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Went there for the first time tonight and was so impressed!
Would recommend Wasabi to anyone who enjoys good Japanese food.
The food, environment, and staff were all amazing!

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Ramen in Kelowna that tastes like ramen in Japan?!??
My husband and I ate ramen for almost every meal while traveling in Japan as we love it so much!!
We are so excited to discover this authentic, delicious restaurant with flavours similar to that of Japan!!

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Really excellent ramen.
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Called ahead for take-out and it was ready in 15 mins. Had the classic ramen and miso ramen and both were wonderful. The noodles seem to be made in-house - really great.
The staff were super friendly - immediately greeting me, providing a glass of water and a seat while I waited a few minutes to pick up, and enthusiastically saying goodbye. Really authentic Japanese right in downtown Kelowna.

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Bowl of ramen photo by fan Royce L at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Instagram fan Val table photo for Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Tempuramen photo by Wasabi Ramen fan Yishi in Kelowna BC
Wasbi Ramen TOMATO ramen fan photo by Zoe instagram
Ramen photo by fan Ayla C at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Eating ramen photo by fan Anna B at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Fan Dongyao L photo of summer ramen at Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Instagram Fan Ranimal_ photo at Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Confit Chicken ramen photo by fan Andrew M at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Pork Chashu ramen photo by fan Michelle M at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna
Fan Jason S photo of deluxe ramen at Wasabi Ramen and Izakaya in Kelowna
Calamari photo by fan Victor P at Wasabi Ramen in Kelowna